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Haddo Estate

Salmon and Sea Trout

Salmon LadderThe water courses that cross Haddo Estate are important breeding grounds for Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) and Sea Trout (Salmo Trutta), and along with the three lakes spread over the Estate and Country Park, they act as juvenile nurseries for their offspring. The salmon ladder, or the Lady Anna Falls, located adjacent to the Kelly Hydro Scheme, helps both species make the journey to these breeding grounds from the River Ythan.

Damage to the aquatic environment can affect these important fish species and their food source, so we are careful to ensure and maintain the health of water courses throughout the Estate by adhering to the following measures:

  1. Leaving at least a 6m wide margin between a crop and a water course.
  2. Reducing livestock access to water courses by fencing.
  3. Planting only hardwood trees along water courses at wide centres so as to allow daylight to enter the water course.
  4. Ensuring that drains only carry clean water .
  5. Ensuring that vehicles do not enter or work in water courses unless absolutely necessary.

The Estate works in close co-operation with the Ythan District Salmon Fishery Board to maintain and enhance native fish populations within all Haddo water courses.

For more information on the conservation of fish life on the River Ythan and in the North East, seewww.riverythantrust.org.


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