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Biomass Boilers

Biomass BoilerThe Cottonhillock Biomass Scheme is the Estate’s most exciting and extensive biomass project to date. It has been incorporated into theCottonhillock housing development on the southern outskirts of Methlick. Hot water and heating for the 22 affordable homes that make up part of the site will be provided by a brand new woodchip boiler via a district heating main. The aim is for the same unit to service the local primary school next door to the development, providing its facilities with a sustainable and low-cost source of renewable energy. The Scheme aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (it is estimated that it will save 90 tonnes of CO2 savings per year), improve energy supply security and promote the adoption of similiar initiatives in future residential and commercial developments in the region.

Broag Remeha biomass boilers have also been installed at the renovated properties of Raxton Farm, Little Methlick Farmhouse and the Old Laundry. These boilers are fuelled by a mixture of wood chip and wood pellets. Through achieving efficiency levels in excess of 90% throughout their operating range, they enable the properties to generate cheap and carbon neutral energy for their heating and hot water.

Across these sites, optimum efficiency is ensured through complete fuel combustion, which itself is guaranteed by sensors regulating the air supply and exhaust gas into and out of the furnace. The fuel stores are replenished and maintained by Estate staff using wood chip produced from timber harvested from Estate woodland. By providing wood for chipping the Estate is also improving forest management by upgrading the quality and value of harvested timber, future productivity and asset value, not to mention biodiversity.

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