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Haddo is home to one of the finest lowland pheasant and partridge shoots in the North East, hosting around 35 driven and walked-up days a year between the months of October and January. The Head Keeper, Mike Thomson, and the Under Keeper, Ian Hudson, have between them lived and worked on the Estate for over 50 years, and lend all of their experience and passion all year round to ensure that the season smoothly.

For more information about shooting at Haddo, please contact Mark Andrew.

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Mike Thomson

Mike was born in Scotland. He was educated locally before serving an apprenticeship as a joiner. Soon after he made the switch to gamekeeping. In April 2012, he will have served 30 years at Haddo, during which time the shoot has flourished thanks to his tireless attention. Mike is himself a highly successful shot, and has competed in clay pigeon shooting – or skeet – events all over the world, from the UK to New Zealand via Canada and Malaysia. He has won between 30 and 40 medals over the course of his career, including silver and bronze at the Commonwealth Games, and gold and silver at the Commonwealth Championships.

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