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The table below gives a summary of the make-up of the herd on the Farm at Haddo, correct as of July 2011:

Cows 151
Bulling heifers 10
Calves 152
Store heifers 60
Stock bulls* 6



* Breeding bulls are 2 Charolais, 2 Limousin and 2 Simmental. Limousin are currently favoured for breeding as their calves are not too big, and because it avoids getting too high a percentage of Simmental, which would diminish the benefits of cross breeding. Charolais are used for growth potential and Simmental for breeding replacements in the herd

The information below maps out the main events of a typical cycle for the livestock at Haddo:

  • Cows calve in March/April, and go out to grass in early May
  • Bulls go in with cows towards end of May, and stay in for 12 weeks, ensuring a definite calving period
  • All calving carried out by the stockman
  • Calves weaned in early October, and (weather permitting) cows go back outside until mid-December
  • Once inside, cows’ diet is a mix of straw and silage (which is made up in a feed cart)
  • Heifer calves are put on a store ration made up of straw, silage, barley, Invercrombies and minerals
  • They are weaned at about 280kg, and kept inside over winter with a growth rate of around 0.8 – 0.9kg/hd/day
  • They are then put back out to grass in late April before being taken inside in September and finished on a barley diet
  • Bulls are weaned and then gradually move from a diet of silage to a barley base, before going on to a barley beef ration in mid-December
  • They are sold in April, May and June at 13-14 months of age, with a carcase weight of 350kg
  • Stock is sold mainly to McIntosh Donald Ltd, now owned by Vion
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