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Arable farming

Arable Farming

The following information gives a clearer insight into the way in which the arable crops are cultivated on the Estate:

Oilseed rape

  • Sown in mid-August (or immediately after final harvest of winter barley)
  • Swathed in late July/early August
  • Combined in mid-August
  • Primarily sent to Liverpool or abroad for crushing (about 42% by weight is oil, which is either refined to make cooking oil, margarine or, increasingly, used as a biofuel)

Winter barley

  • Sown in mid-September
  • Harvested in early August
  • 150t stays on the estate for cattle feed
  • Remainder sold for cattle feed or exported (primarily to Spain)

Winter wheat

  • Sown in late September/October
  • Harvested in September
  • 50t goes to gamekeepers
  • Remainder sold, primarily for animal feed (chicken/egg producers, game rearers and pig finishers) and malting (usually to the Invergordon Distillery)
  • Roughly 30t of Invercrombies (residual wheat malt pellets) purchased each year as a source of protein for growing calves

Spring barley

  • Sown in late March/early April
  • Harvested late August/early September
  • Primarily sold to whisky distilleries for malting (420-550t)
  • Remainder sold as feed barley
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